Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me….

One adorable ruffled scarf.


Here is my first installment on my a crafty girls guide to Christmas.

This is so easy to make.  If you can sew in a straight line you can make this.  Heck if you kinda sew like you have had a few you can still make this cutie. 

Step 1:  Cut a 6 inch wide piece of knit.  Your length will vary depending on how long you want your scarf to be.

Step2.  Cut 4 strips of the same knit 2 inches by whatever length you decide or a little longer as it will shorten up as you go along.

Step 3.  We are going to attach the 2 inch strips to the top of the 6 inch wide piece. If you have a a ruffler foot this is even easier if not (ask Santa for one) you can still make it work just make little pleats in the strips of fabric and sew them with a straight stitch.   If you have a ruffler foot just set it up so the bottom 6 inch wide piece stays straight and not pleated.  Attach all 4 strips of fabric just eyeball it so it is evenly spaced.  That is it, since we used knit we don’t have to worry about it fraying so no need to finish the edges.

Super duper easy and very inexpensive.


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Monday, November 8, 2010

It’s 5:00 somewhere: Margarita Gift Set

DSC_0473We made it!  The end of soccer season came and went without one flake of snow.  In fact it was 80 degree’s here and a margarita definitely sounded yummy!

I wanted to share a simple little gift I whipped up for our coaches.  DSC_0452   Margarita mix in a mason jar with a cute little tag.DSC_0450

I used my vinyl to personalize the bins.


Some margarita salt and queso complete this cute little something.

Now I swore this year I was just going to give a gift card, but as I was driving home from an event that morning this idea hit me.  I just couldn’t do a plain gift card, I think I have a problem!

If I had time I would have etched some margarita glasses too, but I had to draw the line.  That and this sent me into a crafting frenzy as it was since I only had 2 hours to do it all!

Now where did I leave my margarita?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An organized Christmas is a Happy Christmas

I know, I know don’t boo me!  It is not even Thanksgiving and I am talking Christmas, but really you have to be on the ball now.


A lot of people ask me how I do it all and not look like this.  Well I never look like that my hair is brown, LOL!


You know the big guy in the red suit?  You know the one with the list that he checks  twice?  He must know something right?  After all he has to worry about millions of kids and we only have to worry about a few and he gets it all done so he must be on to something.


Here is the key to my success.  This is how the magic happens in the castle.  

As of today I have already planned everyone’s gifts, made a budget, figured out and purchased most of our stocking stuffers, planned our holiday meals, and started preparing the house.  I have also planned out our 24 days of fun.  You can see last year ideas here.   This week I also plan on starting on the gifts I need to make.  I will not be crafting on Christmas Eve, I will not be crafting on Christmas Eve, say with me, I will not be crafting on Christmas Eve.

I have also meal planned for the next 2 months.  Normally I do this a month at a time but this way I can focus on the fun and magic of the holidays instead of chores. 

I gather my printables from here and here.  They both offer great advice and schedules and ideas to get it all done.  I pick the parts I like most and use those. 

Are you still here?  I thought you might have clicked off in shear disgust that someone is that organized. Hey at least I still have some shopping to do, unlike some of those really crazy people that are done shopping in June.  Yea I called you crazy, can we still be friends?

How about you what do you do to get organized? I would love to hear your tips, I am always looking to improved my methods.

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