20 Great Date Night ideas

20 Great Date Night Ideas

These are my date ideas that I plan to use through out the year with my date of the month club
Remember you don't need to spend a lot to make a great date, be creative. You don't need to spend alot but you do need to plan ahead. The dollar store is a great resource for cheap decor, mugs, plates, cups etc to set the mood for your date. If you don't have what you need ask your friends if you can borrow from them. Keep a file of ideas you have so you always have an easy place to get new ideas.

For more great ideas and printable invitations go to:

Love Actually

1. Dinner and dancing: Make a nice meal move the couch out of the way and do a little dancing

2. Chinese Night Make or order chinese food. Throw pillows on the floor and eat on the floor. Don't forget the chop sticks.

Why not make a cute felt fortune cookie to invite your hubby to dinner:


You could make your own fortune cookies with some fun suggestions for after dinner entertainment:


3. Game Night Why not make up a comfy place on the floor for a game night. Love scrabble play scrabble and only use words that involve love. Twister (you could play strip twister if you dare!)

4. Pajama party Why not make or buy you and your hubby a cute pair of pjs and invite him for a sleepover. You could make some fun sleepover snacks, and sleep in the living room.

5. Guy movie night Invite your man to watch a great guy movie: Think Transformers, Gone in 60 seconds, the Fast and the Furious (this has the added bonus of hunky men for you to check out!) If you are doing one of these movies why not pick up a little car or a transformer to hold some tickets you can make up.

6. Drive in movie: Put the kids to bed and go out to the garage an watch a movie in the car. You can watch it on a lap top or use a projector. Don't forget the popcorn and movie snacks.

7. Movie in the park: Grab a blanket, and a laptop and watch a movie outside in a park or even your backyard.

8. Spa Night : No need to go to an expensive spa you can make your own at home. Make up a cute little menu of services, with things like a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, relaxing soak. Offer a nice robe if you have one or maybe a nice new fluffy towel.

Sugar Scrub:


(you can use olive oil for the carrier oil)

9. Tourist Night Why not go hit some of the hot spots in your town. Pretend you are tourist and tour your city.

10. Secret agent night Invite your man on a secret mission you can use milk or lemon juice as invisible ink. Tell him the message will self distruct. Pick a car to follow and follow them to see where they go. Don't forget your spy gear like a notepad, binoculars etc. Download the mission impossible theme to play on the stereo. Don't worry if the kids need to come along put them in their jammies and wait until they fall asleep to start the mission. If you think the car is dialing 911 because you are stalking them drive away, nothing ruins a date like being arrested!

11. Pizzeria Night: Make a pizza with your hubby. Find a checkered tablecloth, make a cute little menu and sign for the pizzeria. You could use refrigerator dough or make your own. I suggest making your own it really is simple.

You can find my dough recipe here

12. Pick me up Invite your hubby to pick you up. Have him meet you in a bar and pretend you don't know each other. Don't make it easy on him, make him work for it. Really want to make it interesting pick up a wig or dress in a way you normally wouldn't. Don't worry know one has to know you are a mother and shouldn't be dressed all trampy.

13. Wild West night Make a fun can shooting game with recycled soup cans and get a rubberband shooter. Have some beer in mugs or rootbeer if you don't drink. Wear cowboy hats, serve bar munchies.

14. Melting Pot: Make up fun dips and dip away:

Try here for recipes:

15. Las Vegas night: Play poker and bet on things like breakfast in bed, diaper duty, extra sleep in days etc... You can make your own chips. Want to make it extra fun, make it strip poker!

16. Take a trip to Paris: Find some cute eiffel tower decor, and serve fun french food, french fries, crepes, crossaints etc.

17. Take a trip to Italy: Make some homemade pasta, and pretend you are in italy.

18. Make your own crossword puzzle and do that together: Make it naughty and when you get the answer right do that thing!

Go here to make your own version

19. Fantasy Football night: Check out the details here: http://loveactually-blog.blogspot.com/2009/10/fantasy-football.html

20. Play hide and go seek! We talked about this with my moms group that I host and one of the moms does this in the dark with flashlights! I think it sounds great, so it is going on the list!
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  1. Did you really work in this at 1:00 in the morning? Do you ever sleep? Thanks for the great ideas! Have u tried any of them yet? What has been you and your hubby's favorite?

  2. No I didn't really work on this at 1:00 in the morning, I just prescheduled it. We didn't get to try them yet after this weekend I will let you know!

  3. The mission impossible thing is just plain creepy.

  4. Some of these sound more like treating your man like a child than having a balanced date he will actually want to partake in. Invisible ink? Seriously?

  5. Pinterest VisitorMay 11, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    Great effort, and maybe a couple will like the list. These seem too juvenile to me though. :\



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