Trash to Treasure Coffee Table Tray

I recently found a table that I just loved at a thrift store for $75 it is made of real wood imagine that! Prince Charming sanded it down and stained in a fantastic black. It is rustic and I just love it! I needed to dress it up so I started researching some of my favorite blogs. Prince charming the great guy he is found me some cabinet doors for free 35 of them to be exact! Man I love him!!! I have been itching to turn these into some great projects. I thought one would make a perfect tray for my new table. This whole table scape was free! I had everything laying around and just painted or adjusted it for what I wanted. The big wooden G I got for 90 cents at HobbyLobby man I love the 90 percent off section!

Here is your basic cabinet door I painted it and distressed it.

I had some wooden balls that I had left over from another project
Prince Charming had some ugly old handles in the garage. A quick spray of black paint and the ugly disappears!

Here is the finished tray. I am really big into monograms so I busted old my magical cricut and using a dry brush I added the monogram. Now how cute is that for a free project!

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