Monogrammed Candy Dish

I had fun making this super cute and easy project for Prince Charming. He wanted a candy dish for his desk so while we were out thrifting he picked one up for 50 cents. Well I couldn't just let him have a boring candy dish I had to jazz it up. Hello etching cream. If you have never tried etching glass you will be amazed how simple it really is.

Here is what you need. Any type of glass dish, etch cream, and contact paper or vinyl.

I used my magical cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot software to create my monogram. Then you simply cut it, and adhere it to the glass. Make sure you go over every line to make sure it is adhered well. If not it can sneak under and then it will ruin your deisgn.

Apply a thick coat of etching cream, make sure every tiny little bit is covered. I like to check the inside to be sure I have covered it all. Then I leave it to sit about 10 minutes. I know the directions say 5 but I think it takes longer! Before you wash the etching cream off, you can scrape any excess back into the bottle to use again. That is it simple as 1, 2, 3...
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