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I didn't plan on being away so long but then life happens. We had a wonderful white Christmas. We ate way too much, played, stayed up late it was great! We rang in the New year with some friends which was a ton of fun. Speaking of the new year. Do you make new year resolutions? I do and most of the time I stick to them. This year I really want to work on menu planning. I do it every now and then, but then I get lazy and then there is the 4:30pm mad scramble to see what I can throw together with flour, one chicken breast, and a can of tomatoes. Well I hate that and so do the kids. I thought just maybe if I had a cute place to write my menu that might help! So this is what I came up with. I LOVE IT!!!! My sister in law got one for Christmas I hope she likes it as much as I do!

I used my cricut and Sure cuts a lot to create the menu. I cut it in vinyl but in reverse so I could place it on the back of the glass so it would be easy to clean. Way more stylish than a piece of paper right?

I originally used magnets on the back but they weren't holding it the way I wanted so I thought I would give these babies a try. Another fantastic invention way to go 3M. These are the best, you can hang stuff where ever you want and remove it later without ruining the surface. They are so strong and super simple to use, I give 5 crowns up!

Here is what I am having for dinner this week just in case you wanted to know. I use my crock pot as often as I can. Here is one of my favorite blogs to check out recipes
http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ You can see I am using 3 of her recipes.

Pizza Roll Up
Pasta E Fagioli soup
Roast Chicken and homemade crescent rolls
French onion burgers and fries
Beef with Broccoli
Turkey(I bought 2 when they were on sale and I can use it all month)

Hope you like this, this maybe another one for the store if you like it!
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