Fancy New Coupon Organizer

I love saving money and cutting coupons has been a tremendous money saver, I feed our family of 5 on about $250.00 a month. This month I am trying to see if I can cut even more! What I didn't love was cutting thousands of coupons, I felt like it was eating into family fun time, so I decided to try a new method. With the new method I get to save the money but not spend hours and hours of time cutting all the coupons. Basically I keep every coupon insert intact, and then using the fantastic coupon database and the grocery deal list at coupon mom I keep track of all of the deals and coupons that are available. If I see something that I think she missed I can easily just search the database. Now I get the best of both worlds and so far I love it! Now you know me I couldn't have some boring file folder I had to have something glamorous. I have been looking for a little while when I happened upon this little magazine organizer at Big Lots. The price was perfect! I paid $2.50 for this cutie. It was the perfect size and the color was fun, I just added a little pizazz with my cricut and vinyl. Doesn't it just make you want to cut coupons so you can have a cute file box!

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