My husband Rocks

I wanted to share this super cute shirt I made for prince charming, what you think it is a little too feminin for him? Ok well it is actually for me but it is all because I think Prince Charming really does rock. I decided I was going to make the shirt and not say anything just to see if he would like it. When he was working late last week I started the shirt. He was supposed to work 2 nights late but he didn't so the next day, I had to do it on the down low. Which let me tell you it is really hard to be crafty and be a secret agent at the same time! So I wore it yesterday to see if Prince Charming would notice. Yep, you guessed it even though he rocks can't say that he pays attention to detail! Silly guy only saw the rocks part, I had to point out the my husband part! Oh well he still really liked it and had a big grin on his handsome face! I used my cricut and the freezer paper technique. What? You don't even know what freezer paper is let alone that it has its own technique you say. Don't worry I will show you, just not right this second, but this was too cute not to share!
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