Date night-Would you like to play a game?

Prince Charming and I had our second date last night. It was super simple but we still had fun. Prince Charming and I are big fans of the Saw movies. OK, I know they are completely morbid but we can't help it! So for tonight's date I decided to play with that a little bit. If you haven't seen the movie just bear with me. In the movie the victims are given a tape recorder that says,"Hello Jim would you like to play a game?" It is so creepy!!! I know we had a tape recorder somewhere but I couldn't find it so I had to make do. I put a note and the game in an envelope and left it on the front porch like it had been delivered.

The note read:

Hello Prince Charming.....

Would you like to play a game?

The object you hold is a very powerful object.

Open the box and play my game.

Lay the cards carefully out using only words that revolve around love.

If you play my game right you will go on to live a happy live with your lovely wife.

If you don't play my game you will suffer grave consequences.

A timer has already started you must play my game by 8:30 pm, tonight!

He laughed out loud! He really liked it. I picked up the Scrabble Slam game it was only .25 cents and I had a coupon for $5.00 so actually I made money buying this! It is a good thing Jigsaw wasn't really watching because we got started a late, but the fire alarm going off is a little distracting! I put some pillows on the floor, turned off the lights put lots of candles out and turned on the fire place.

Scrabble Slam is really fun, however we couldn't play all love words but we started each game that way. It wasn't fancy but we sure had a blast, and Prince Charming loved the presentation of this one!


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