The Key to My Happiness

I have a cute little solution to a big problem in my house that I wanted to share. I can not tell you how many times I have ransacked my house searching for my keys. I always say, "oh I will put these right here and remember where they are." Yea right I forget 2 seconds after I set them down or worse one of the kids picks them up and then I really can't find them. It seems I never realize they are missing until I am walking out the door and I am already late. This leads to tears being shed, pillows flying and Prince Charming thinking that a bomb went off in the house all because I can't find my keys!

So ta dah this is what I came up with!!!!

I wanted a cute place to hang my keys and I had these little dollar store frames laying around. I also had the hooks. I applied a quick coat of acrylic paint that matched the decor. I took out the glass and back and asked Prince Charming to hang them for me along with the hooks. I don't hang things they fall off when I do. Prince Charming does such a nice job!

Pictures Frames: $3.00

Hooks: Free

Being able to always find my keys: PRICELESS
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