Beef It’s What’s for Dinner

The swords are packed the horses are hitched and anxious for today Prince Charming is leaving as soon as the sun breaks the horizon in search of dragons.

Really he is just going to Oklahoma for his annual hog hunting trip, but doesn’t that sound so much more noble.  Prince Charming has been packing and prepping all week.  He is like a giddy school girl anticipating this trip.  I will tell you a secret…

So am I!  I love Prince Charming but I have chocolate, crafts and chick flicks calling my name.  I would like to see Time Traveler’s Wife and Hatchi.

Whenever Prince Charming is off to slay dragons or whatever other quest he maybe on, I like to send him off with a little reminder that I love him. 


I made him a cute card and stashed it in the car so he will find it when he leaves.  I can’t give you a great tutorial because I was crafting on the down low.  It is the same concept as the Stampin up Sweet treat cups, but I made my own.


I picked up the little containers at the dollar store.  There were 8 to a package.  I used my cricut to cut the card out and cut the hole for the container to come through the front.  I filled the container with pink starburst and sealed the container. Then I simply hot glued the lid to the back of the card.  I used bits of my vinyl to make the nostrils and embellish the front. 

How fun would these be for invitations to a farm themed birthday party?

They are so much fun to make I may go pick up more of the little containers. 


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It's so versatile for many activities!

  2. So cute! My daughter LOVES pigs-I've got to do one for her! thanks!!!



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