The Story of The Princess and her Throne-Chair Redo

Here is my latest of many projects I have been working on.   Just ask the prince here is what he will say:

“Yea go look in MY garage she has projects everywhere”

Here is the story of how I turned this scary chair into a lovely little throne.


Once upon a time these sad little chairs were thrown out by the villagers.  Who could blame them after all? They were all hairy and rather scary! But none the less the princess saw cute lines, but knew they were in need of some serious TLC.  She wouldn’t even let those scary hairy cushions in the castle, so she immediately removed the seat and ripped off that scariness!


Well that is better already, don’t you think?  Doesn’t look very comfy though! Next she sanded and primed the chair.  It really wasn’t in bad shape so it only took a little effort to get it ready to paint.  Then she followed that up with 3 coats of white.  Then it was time to fix that seat!


Using the seat as a guide the Princess cut two layers of foam for cushion.




Next she cut a piece of fabric to wrap around the seat making sure she left enough excess to staple on the back.


Staple the fabric on making sure you pull it tight all the way around.  Finally she attached the seat back on the chair.


And the Princess and her new lovely throne lived happily ever after.

The End

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