Peach Honey


Remember all those peaches I had? 

Well those babies were expensive and I didn’t want to waste any of them so I made Peach Honey with all the skins that I peeled off the peaches while canning them.  This was my brothers response,

“Dude they are just skins it is ok to throw them away!” 

Yes he used the word “dude.”  Dude we like grew up in the 80’s cut us some slack!

Tppppth what does he know?  Cause it was delicious!!!!  Fantastic in a nice cup of tea or on a homemade biscuit.

I tell you it is exactly like regular honey only with a sweet yummy peach flavor!

Here are the directions: Peach Honey

How about a little peach honey making mood music.  Tell me that doesn’t make you want to run right out and make honey!


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  1. Never even thought of peach honey. I did put up peaches this year but will have to remember to save the skins next year.

    Love me some Lady...they are from Georgia!

  2. I love Lady A too! The honey is awesome you gotta try it.



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