Go big or go home –Teacher luncheon

I sit on the PTO board for the oldest Prince’s school.  I am in charge of the Parent Teacher conference lunch. I am new so they didn’t really know what to expect from me, but I think they trust me now to come up with something great. They didn’t know that I am not just  a throw the chips in a bowl kinda girl.


I shopped my house for everything you see.  I used 2 wine crates that I picked up at a garage sale, the cute twig pumpkin came from goodwill, same for the menu board.  I owned that fantastic wire basket which is from Southern Living Home (Which I am so totally in love with.  Do you hear me I AM IN LOVE with it.  Hint, hint Southern Home living peeps)


I had the two cute small jars and picked up the giant one for under $10.00 at Wal-Mart.  I used my cricut to cut black mat vinyl and you have instant chalkboards, I used chalk markers to write on the labels.   

DSC_0283 A cute little menu board

DSC_0284 Insert the chips that the vultures teachers ate before I could even get them put in there.


I whipped up a cute little thank you banner. Ok I probably should have ironed that fabric, but hey at least I didn’t just throw the chips in a bowl and walk away right?


Vinyl 5042099000531240293

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  1. Adorable! I love the idea of black matte vinyl for a faux chalkboard surface!! And chalk markers?? Where did you find them? I hate the feel of chalk, so these would be right up my ally!

  2. Oh Mandy they are so much better than real chalk. I found mine at Hobby Lobby and used a coupon to buy them so they are around $6.00 for 4 colors.

  3. What a beautiful luncheon that you put on for the teachers. I'm sure they were all surprised by your talent and grateful that you were the one to coordinate the lunch. You'll be elected next year too. Ha. (I know from experience) Good luck and great job.



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