Chalk this Valentine up-DIY Sidewalk Chalk


This year for the Youngest Prince we are making homemade sidewalk chalk for his Valentines to give his friends. 

It is really easy, I will show you how.


Here is what we need:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Powdered Tempera Paint
  • Ice Cube Molds(or any other kind of mold, you can use almost anything)
  • Mason jar or bowl (I used a mason jar and it was fantastic!)

DSC_0529Pour 2 cups of the Plaster of Paris powder into your jar or bowl.


Add your dry paint to the dry powder and mix thoroughly with a spoon.  I used about 1/2 cup to get that nice bright red, but you can adjust to your liking.

Just pretend the powder is dry in that shot ok. I did it both ways and I think the dry with dry works much better but didn’t take a picture.

Add 2 cups of cold water to the dry mix and stir until completely combined, or if you are using a mason jar put the lid on a shake, shake, shake.   Pour into your molds and allow it to dry.  It will take about an hour or maybe a little more to hardened enough to remove from the molds.  Remove from the molds and allow them to dry completely which will take about 24 hours.

Now, I am putting this in big bold type to make sure you are listening!


You see how nice and hard it gets, well yeah it will do that in your drain.  I placed a bag in a bowl and rinsed everything into that.  Then I let that sit over night, the plaster will harden in the bottom of the bag and then you can drain of the water and throw the rest away.


I did make another batch with the blue, but they didn’t make it into the shot.  A big snow storm was heading in and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find sidewalk to take a picture with, so you only get the red.

Just one more thing, if the kids help you with this project do not let them put their fingers in the plaster of paris once you have added the water.  It can cause burns because it gets hot.  Really for that matter you might want to wear gloves.  Make sure you read the precautions on the package, and we will all be safe.

Now if Spring would only come the kids might actually get to play with their chalk.  The ground hog said it was coming early tomorrow would be nice.

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  1. So Cute!!! How fun and easy is that! Love it! Thanks. =)



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