A little Trash Talk

“Oh no you didn’t!!!”

“Oh yes I did!!! I went and made my self a cute car trash can!!!”

“Oh nah ah.  Girl that is some crazy trash talk!”


I have been wanting a trash can for my car to try and curb what I fondly refer to as, “the back seat vending machine.”  I had been using recycled grocery bags which although they are green they are not pretty to look at.

So I created this cutie which is fully lined with vinyl to keep said grossness off my cute trash can!  It buckles around the car headrest.  Which will be precisely at eye level with the kids to remind them to trash their trash!


Cut the following pieces:

Main pocket cut 2 10 X 16 inch panels

Vinyl cut 2 10 X 16 inch panels

Front Pocket cut 1 10 X 9 inch panels

Bias tape pieces in coordinating fabric cut 3 2 x 13 inch pieces

Straps cut 2 4 1/2 X 12 inch (I used the same fabric as the main pockets but the coordinating fabric would be cute too)


Make your bias tape I like to use my fancy dancy bias tape maker but you can also use this method.  It works well too!


Attach your vinyl to your main pocket pieces.


Attach your bias tape to the top edge of all three pocket pieces don’t worry about trimming the extra off we can do that later.

I thought I had a picture of the next step but I missed it.  It is easy.  Place the front pocket right sides together on one of the main pocket panels. Then sandwich the other main pocket panel right on top right sides together.  Stitch around all three sides leaving the top open.

Ok now here is the hardest part turning the whole she-bang right side out.  Seriously I worked up a sweat, my muscles were shaking, it was a great workout!  The vinyl is pretty tough to maneuver but it can be done, just be patient. 

Now go have some Gatorade we have to replace those electrolytes we lost during that intense workout!


Now make your straps by folding your strap pieces in half and pressing them.  Unfold and turn and fold your edges into the line you just created.  Press.  Now fold it in half again and press. It is just like making double fold bias tape only bigger. Fold your short ends in and top stitch all the way around.


I used these curtain rod rings as my rings.  I just trimmed the clip off.

The last thing we need to do is attach the straps we just made.  Take one of your straps and attach it about an inch down from the top of the bias tape.  You’ll want to go over it a couple times to reinforce it.  Now slip your rings on the other strap and make a loop with the strap.  Now attach this one in the same manner.


Have a great week!

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