The headband and a near death experience

Don’t say it!

I know, I know how does one almost die making a headband? 

Well I am telling you I did!  It’s ok you won’t you will learn from my mistakes and make an adorable little headband and leave off the whole almost dying part. 

Ok?  Ok!


(excuse the cheesy look  it is hard to take a picture of yourself without looking cheesy!)

All you need is three strips of stretchy knit fabric.  Like an old t-shirt or whatever you got.  I cut mine in 1 inch strips.

Well this is the part where I almost died!  I was cutting my fabric with my rotary cutter you know the metal wheel kind.  I was cutting on my mat on top of the washer.  My iron was plugged in sitting on the shelf behind the washer.  So here I am cutting away on my washer not thinking anything about the cord laying across the back of the washer.  I am not even close to it no biggie well I get a little over zealous and cut right into the cord… THAT IS PLUGGED IN!!!!!  There were major sparks, a loud pop and a little screaming!  Ok a lot of screaming, but I could have died!   Luckily it only burned a hole through my blade and not me.  So let’s not do that ok!  Make sure no cords are on your cutting surface.

Take your long 1 inch strips mine were about 1 inch by 24 inches.  Place all three strips together on a safety pin and braid them together.  Once you have it as long as you need it simply stitch the ends together.  Super easy and really comfortable.  It doesn’t dig into my brain like some others do.


I whipped out 3 in a matter of minutes and that included the whole almost dying incident!  I think it would be really fun to make them for your girls out of their favorite tee shirts that they out grow.

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  1. Oh No!!! That happened to me with a computer charger. It was plugged in on one side to the wall and on me to the other side. Well, a piece of wire escaped the cord and hit the carpet and suddenly the charge went through my hand. Scariest thing ever! Especially b/c I was 6 months preggo! Yikes, electricity is not to be messed with!

  2. Oh my! I'm glad you were ok! I have to tell you, no lie, as I was reading this I realized I left my iron plugged on the ironing board in my laundry room for the last I don't know how many hours! So, thanks :) The headband is adorable, I'm going to show this to my daughter, she'll want to make one for sure.



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