Snacks for our Dude-Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea


Here is a fun project for the dad dudes in your lives.


Our favorite dad dude is going to be working on Father’s day so we wanted to sneak a little treat in his truck when he leaves for work.  Easy peasy project just empty the soda bottles. You can use beer but if you do, don’t “empty” them all in one night or your project might be a little wonky if you catch my drift.  The kids helped me empty these bottles which was a special treat for them.  Then I simply mod podged scrapbooking paper on the carrier.  I painted the bottle caps with enamel paint which works really well! Printed my cute labels which were created in Photoshop and mod podged those on. 

This is one of my favorite projects I may have to take up drinking so I can make more.  Soda……drinking soda.

Hope your dudes like it!

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