DIY-Adjustable Marshmallow Fork

Hey everyone!

This week I am prepping for a camping trip with 70 scouts and their families.  Translation:  I am running like a mad women gathering 1400 rocks, spray painting said rocks, prepping food, cutting wooden name tags, and cutting wires.

 I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a really fun easy scout project.

All you need is 16 gauge galvanized steel wire.  I picked mine up at a fun little store called Jax but I bet you can find it at most any home improvement store.


Cut 1 piece of wire about 21 inches long.


Bend it in half.


Leave about 3 inches of the loose ends out and wrap the bent side around something like a stick or dowel.


Slide it off the stick and turn it over and twist the two loose ends to make the fork like so.


That is it.  Now here is the cool part you can slide your fork off the stick and then whenever you go camping all you have to do is find any stick and just put the coiled end on the end of the stick.  Neat huh?!

Now if it would just stop raining we will be in great shape!

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