Everything tastes better when it is homemade-Butter

Did you know that you can make homemade butter?

Why would you want to?

Because people think you are really cool when you say, “oh I made some homemade rolls and butter today.”

It is super easy to do! and no I don’t have a butter churn laying around nor do I know how to build one.   I do have a kitchen aid and that is what we will use!




All you need to do is pour 1 quart of heavy whipping cream in the mixing bowl of your kitchen aid with the whisk attachment.  Turn it on medium speed.

You can turn it up later if you are impatient like me but go a little slow at first or you will have a whipped cream facial, because I know you will be standing over the bowl waiting for the miracle of butter to happen!

DSC_0726 After you mix it for about 10 minutes it will look like this.  You will have the fat separated from the buttermilk.  Strain this into a small hole sieve.  Knead the butter to remove any excess buttermilk and that is it.  You can also knead in a little salt if you would like salted butter.  Sorry you don’t get a picture of this step my hands were full of butter!

Now sit back and begin bragging that you just made butter.  If you are thinking this is a less expensive way to have butter, sorry it really isn’t. You will only get 1 pound of butter and whipping cream can be pricey.  For special occasions  it is perfect!

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