Here is Looking At You-Spooky Eyeball Rice Krispie Treats


Eye see you!!! 

Come on that is funny! Eye see you, ha!

Eye have been crafting like crazy and eye love it.

Ok seriously I will stop with the eyeball play on words.


This is the final piece of the gift  I am making for a friend.  These are Rice Krispie treats that I shaped into eyeballs and dipped in white chocolate.  I made the iris part out of a fruit chew and an M&M, which I raided from the kids Halloween candy that they already have a ton of. The veins are made out of the pull apart Twizzlers.  I think I will make these for the preschool class, and maybe the soccer teams this weekend.  They are easy to make so I could make 50 or so pretty easy, and it is a great way to get some of the candy out of the house.


(These guys make me laugh.  Doesn’t it look like the one on the right is intently listening to the other??)

I also made some ghosts.   The idea for these game from the Idea room, she featured some she had made but she used mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  I happen to have some cute eyeballs laying around so I wanted to use those.  I also rounded the tops of the Rice Krispie treats before I dipped them.  They remind me of the ghosts from Pac-Man.  If you leave them as a rectangle you could make Frankenstein too, which I may do but I ran out of white chocolate.

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