Organ-ick Werewolf Drool and Dracula Bites


The Little Princess is in charge of treats tomorrow at her preschool by request. Nothing like a little pressure; if the teacher asks you to bring a special snack it better be snazzy!  I made her these fun vampire treats and think they fit the bill of snazzy!  They are chocolate covered double stuffed chocolate Oreo’s. Yummy!  I used more of my candy eyeballs and I made the fangs with white Smarties that I cut in quarters to create tiny triangles.  The capes were cut with my Cricut, using my favorite cartridge, Paper Doll Dress up.

organic werewolf

I created a fun label for the juice bottle in Photoshop.  Yes I realize organic isn’t spelled with a k but this is Organ-ick as in yucky.  Ha!


This is clear fruit punch, which is a made for small kids, no more red stains on your carpet. It really looks like a giant bottle of drool, don’t you think?

I have two more class parties and two soccer teams to go and since we don’t have soccer today, because of 8 inches of snow that we got, I am hoping I can wrap those up!

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