The headband and a near death experience

Don’t say it! I know, I know how does one almost die making a headband?  Well I am telling you I...


DIY-Pampering Orange Sugar Scrub

Finally this week has slowed down a little. Prince Charming and I went on a date last night so I...


Emergency cuteness-Easter treats

Dang it I forgot again!  The preschool always does a little Easter party for the kids and I can no...


Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cake Mix Cookies

Yeah so it still hasn’t slowed down in the castle.  Sorry for my lack of posting. This past week...


DIY-Faux Canvas Prints

More fun with wood today!!!!  My friend’s husband is a  wood worker and he was getting rid of a bunc...


All I am Saying is Give Peeps a Chance

How about a fun little plaque for my mantel? Ok so I still had Valentines day up and yeah I com...


Farm Fresh Eggs

Hey all! Man it has been so busy in the castle I haven’t had any time to get any crafting done at ...


You are Some Bunny special

There is this little church I drive by everyday usually 3 or 4 times a day and they have this sign o...

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