Tinkerbell Dress


Now that we are past Christmas and all the gifts have been given Santa said it would be cool if I share this one, not that the Little Princess reads my blog.

DSC_0251 copy2

The only thing the Little Princess wanted from Santa was a Tinkerbell dress.  Well, until three days before Christmas she announces that she no longer wants a Tinkerbell dress but now wants a “spiny dress.  What the heck is a spiny dress? 

Silly girl lucky for her I have an in with Santa and he was able to figure out what on earth a “spiny dress” was and have his best elves make one.

DSC_0262 copy

Fluffy pink and green tutu.

DSC_0261 copy

Look close and you will see a sneak peek of what is to come!

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  1. AHHHH! Did you guys put up wainscoting? John and I were just talking about doing that! Looks awesome!



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