DIY-Ruffle Fort Kit

Girls want to build forts too, we just like ours with a few more ruffles!


I love these DIY fort kits that are all over the web, this is my spin on it for a girly girls birthday party.  I used my Thirty-One Ruffle cinch sac and a few flat sheets that I picked up on clearance along with some matching rope and ribbon.


I included a simple little tag so the birthday girl knew just what to do.


Finally I included some matching clothespins. I just adore how this came together.  I love how well it all goes together especially since they were all purchased at different times, it was fate! I just love gifts that inspire creativity and doesn’t create clutter. 

If you would like to purchase your own ruffle cinch sac and create your own Ruffle DIY Fort kit you can shop my website here.  All TWP readers can save an extra 10% on their entire order!!!

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  1. Love your idea for the ruffle cinch sac! Yay Thirty-One! Nice to see ideas from my Thirty-One sisters!



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