I Will Pencil You In-Giant Chalkboard Calendar

Seriously, we have no excuses for missing any appointments now! Today I worked on this great chalkboard calendar.  Now I am no super amazing chalkboard artist but I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out, and it really is gigantic, ginormous, huge. 

DSC_0291 copy 

I have had this big canvas sitting around forever, I can’t even remember where we originally had it.  I think at one time I was going to make my own painting, I even remember painting it but I don’t think I ever hung it.  Crafty girl I am, artist not so much, well at least not in the sense of let me grab a brush and paint some gorgeous abstract.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought, “oh just get rid of that thing, you will never use it!”  So glad it I didn’t because that epiphany I was waiting on hit me today.  Funny how my brain works sometimes.  Half the time lately I can’t even remember what I was going to………..

Now, what was I saying? 

Kidding, seriously though I can’t even remember my own name sometimes and then I can be just hanging around and, boom!  Oh yes, giant chalkboard calendar that is what I will do with that canvas and I rock it out like I have always know what I was going to do.

DSC_0296 copy

I drew everything in chalk and then I painted over the frame and grid because no way am I going redo that every time the month changes, although it would be kind of fun to do. 

I said kind of!

Now that my memory is slipping at least I will have my giant calendar to rely on and hey if my eyes start going bad I will be able to read this bad boy from across the room.

Hmmmm now what was I supposed to do tomorrow?  Let me check my calendar!

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