Fairytale Fall Front Porch

Hey it’s almost fall y’all and that means the porch needs to be spruced up!

DSC_0590 copy

The Little Princess and I spent the day fluffing, primping and basking in the gorgeous fall day.  Colorado has such amazing fall weather and the colors; oohhh the colors just make me smile every time I see those oranges, reds and golds.

This is my brand new chalkboard that I made using the mirror off my now gorgeous buffet.  I love it!!! Not sure where its permanent home will be but for now she will hang out on the porch.  She is HEAVY so I have to have Prince charming figure out a cleat system for her.


Such a yummy view, all I need is a cup of warm apple cider and book and I would be happy as could be. I could sit here all day but unfortunately I have things to do.  That sweet green picnic basket was my grandmothers, the green is crazy bright but it is original so I don’t think I want to paint it and it adds a fun pop of color.  It reminds me of Granny Smith Apples so it goes with my whole fall theme!



I hung my adorable rustic ladder to act as a candle chandelier.  Prince Charming made my ladder for me out of scrap.  Did I ever mention how awesome he is?  Sorry ladies he is off the market!

There is a blanket just waiting to snuggle.  I will try and keep the cider warm just incase you want to stop by and just sit for awhile!

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