April Showers have a whole new meaning

Look at my fancy new shower door. OK, so it isn't fancy but it sure looks like I am walking into a fancy spa. I monogrammed my door with my vinyl and cricut. I didn't want to etch it because someday I do want a fancy new door without the ugly silver frame but for now I can just make it look pretty. I wonder if I could spray it???? Hmmmm I may have to experiment a little when Prince Charming isn't home. I always do my crazy experiments when he isn't home to critique it! And really what if we ever sell our house and they don't want a lovely G on the door? This way I can still remove it if I ever want to change it, and knowing me I am going to change it.

Speaking of changes do you like my new look? I love playing with my blog and it stops me from wanting to paint rooms which is much harder than clicking a button!

So you say you want to know how I get my doors so shiny and pretty?

White Vinegar and 0000 grit steel wool and the best part is the fumes won't kill you off. I put straight vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I run the steel wool over it. It will take all of those hard water spots and that yucky soap scum right off!

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  1. I love this!

    Which cricut do you have?
    I'm looking at purchasing one and am wondering if the personal cutter is large enough for the monograms I'd like to do.

    Thank you...oh, and cute, cute blog.

  2. Prissy: If you can swing it I would really go with the expression that way you aren't limited and really it is only around $50.00 more if you are careful where you buy. Check ebay I got mine for $200.00 and my friend got hers for $150.00 including shipping! The small one does work but if I am doing monograms I want the big one for sure! Also check into Sure cuts a lot I use the heck out of it.

  3. Did you use Cricut vinyl? Also, was this design created with sure cuts a lot?



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