Egg-stra Special Photo Egg

This weekend I am working on potty training my little princess. I can't believe it, how can this be? How can she be old enough to use the potty? We have had success!!!! Yippeee!

Enough potty talk, let's talk crafty stuff!

I was looking for something fun to do and I thought about the Ukrainian eggs I made when I was in middle school. I have to share a really funny story about that! The art teacher thought it would be fine to just leave the eggs with all of the insides still in them when we decorated them. Ummmmmm, yea don't do that! After about a year we heard a pop and yep you guessed it rotten egg all over the place it was so gross!!! So needless to say you need to blow the egg out if you are going to do this project. You can get great instructions from my pal Martha here.

****Updated for Blowing out: I used a needle and a Dremel tool with a pointed sanding tip to create the larger hole, sooooo easy and looks pretty too*****

After I blew the egg out I printed my pictures on tissue paper. To do this pick the photos you want to use. Next securely tape a piece of tissue paper to a regular sheet of paper. Then you simply print as usual and they will look like this.

Next I trimmed my pictures so they would fit on the egg a little better. Sorry I don't have pictures of everything I was running back and forth to the potty a million times!

I applied a thin coat of decoupage medium on my egg and attached each picture. They were a bit tricky to get them to lay flat but just be gentle and get it as close as you can. Let that dry and cover it with another coat of decoupage medium. Finally I hot glued my ribbon on and you are ready for display.


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  1. I would have never thought of printing on tissue paper, very cool!



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