Gift wrap station

Look what I made. When I say I, I mean me all me!!! I am so proud of it. It was simple to construct. This was featured in the Lowes idea magazine. It was estimated to cost about $85.00, but frugal me made it for about $10.00. My gift wrap was on a big table taking up a ton of space so when I saw this I knew I just had to make it! Over the weekend we were at Home Depot and I mentioned to Prince Charming that I wanted to make this over the weekend. He rolled his eyes lovingly agreed to get going on it. Well you guessed it buying the 1 X 2 's was about as far as he got. One of my favorite blogs Shanty2chic has a made it without my hubby party and then it struck me.

Hello you can make this yourself, what could happen? That is how I started my whole project.

All I did was measure my pegboard which I had in the garage. I got it for free when Albertsons closed down, so that cut out a huge part of the budget down. Then I cut my 1/2 boards which were .86 cents for an 8 foot long piece I needed 2 of those. I just cut them to the dimensions of my pegboard. If you don't have access to a saw Home Depot and Lowes will cut them for you if you give them the sizes you need. Usually for free or for a very small fee. Once they were cut I layed them out on the floor. I carefully put my peg board on top and then I screwed the pegboard down. Then a coat of paint was in order.

After it was dry I attached my sash rods. I picked these up for $2.47 each for 2 at Walmart. They weren't quite tall enough to allow me to attach them straight to the board, so I just cut another little piece of my 1 X 2 to give me the clearance I needed.

Then is was a simple as putting the pegs on. I used the pegs to hold the spools of ribbon, my scissors and my huge collection of bags. Lowes used some cute little baskets that are made to go on a pegboard for the bows. I found mine at the thrift store for a $1.00 each and just attached them with hooks that are made for a pegboard. The other ones are really pricey and I think these are just as cute. I haven't hung it up yet, that is Prince Charming's area of expertise my things tend to fall off the wall. I love this so much I hate to put it in my dark unfinished basement but it is the best spot for it right now.


I am linking up to a really fun I made it without my hubby party at shanty2chic:

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  1. I am so impressed. I'm not allowed to touch power tools or hang things or go in the garage:-) My hubby has seen my craft office and doesn't want me to touch his garage:-) This is really awesome. Thanks for the pointers. I too saw this in the idea book, but wouldn't have thought to bring it in this cheap! Good job!

  2. Love this! I am looking for some gift wrapping station ides for a client of mine! You did a great job!



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