I finished it!

A friend asked me to sew a flower girl dress for her and of course I couldn’t say no! It is not in my nature! I am so glad I finished this thing!!! What on earth was I thinking?? Here it is:


Photo courtesy of: uglydress.com

Do you like it?

Just kidding no really here it is:


I hope she likes it, I poured hours of blood(don’t worry I didn’t get on the dress) sweat and a few tears into this dress. It turned out good right? It looks like a dress right?? Please tell me it is good, I really tried hard. Sure I can sew bags, and Halloween costumes, and clothes for the kids.Those are for my own kids and not in a wedding where everyone is staring at them. I was so nervous about this, and the material was so hard to work with. The hem took me three shots to get it right. I learned a few lessons.

1. Just say no! All the cool kids do it.

2. Chiffon will make you crazy.

3. I need to buy a serger.

4. My fingers are not pin cushions

5. Trying to sew a cream colored dress around a 4 year old and 2 year is NOT a good idea.

6. No matter how many pins you put in chiffon it will still move. Trust me I tried a least 100 and it still moves!

7. I heart seamstresses that do this for a living!

8. Ok maybe Martha is cooler than me, because I am sure she could have whipped this up in 5 seconds!

9. Patterns are a good thing!

10. See lesson number one!

I am going to go sew something nice and simple so I can make myself feel better!

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  1. It's so cute!!! Well done you :) And yes, chiffon can be a nightmare...

  2. Thanks MJ! You are such a sweet commenter! I just read today if you get nylon Chiffon it doesn't fray! Sure now they tell me.



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