I’ll be back-Cute string back pack tutorial

So I was going to show you this adorable cute back pack and then wow you with a great tutorial.  Well then I was up all night with a screaming little princess.  I thought it was maybe her 2 year molars coming in, but noooooo.  She slept in this morning and Prince Charming went in late while I ran kiddos to school.  She seemed better after she woke up so we ran an errand.  She fell asleep in the car, when I got her out I had my answer.  She has a raging ear infection.  The boys never had these and I never suspect an ear infection is the culprit because of it. I don’t think I have ever had one either.  She must be one tough baby, she wasn’t pulling at her ear, no fever, not even a runny nose,  no nothing, just a gross yellow ear.  Which means it ruptured and that is why she feels better for now.  So I am off to the doctor instead of giving you a tutorial.  Although she is playing like it is no big deal, and I hate that.  Could you at least act a little under the weather?  Now I have to go pay $30.00 plus medication for them to say, “yep her ear is gross.”  We were just there 2 weeks ago for a well check up.  I think they should give a mother of 3 discount since I have usually diagnosed the problem long before we got there. Do you think I could send in a picture of the gross yellow ear and get a script.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Video doctor visits, no need to bring your sick baby into the germ infested doctor’s office just sit in front of your computer.

For now I will tease you with a picture of the cute back pack I am going to show you how to make!  Please stay tuned I will be back after I take care of the gross yellow ear.


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  1. Ew, the ear sounds gross to be honest but the bag is very cute!! Would also do well as a lunch bag for at work :)

  2. So sorry for your baby's illness. Been there, done that. It's hard when your child is not feeling well! She'll bounce back, right as rain, and so will you. Nice fabric on the back pack, btw.



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