A project that you will like a-Latte!!!!

We had a crazy weekend, and I am just now recovering!   We had  a birthday party so I had to make a giant cookie and finish the goodie bags which I sewed.  We had a soccer banquet and I am the team mom so I had to finish up the gifts, and check out where we stayed the night on Saturday.DSC03086


Yep we stayed right on the football field at Mile High.  It was soooooo cool.  We watched the Lacrosse Game, and then they played the movie, “UP” on the big screen.  It is definitely a memory no one will ever forget.

After the whirlwind crafting I did,  I had to take a little time and clean up my craft/laundry room or you might be seeing me on hoarders! So for now my backpack tutorial will have to wait!

All week I was feeling kinda blah and my skin was looking blah and dry, so I thought I would whip up a body scrub.  Well it made so much I thought why not give it as one last thank you to the boy’s teachers.    It turned into one of the cutest projects I have done so far and it was super simple!


I made some coffee scrub.  The caffeine in the coffee is really great for tightening your skin and it is an excellent exfoliant, and the oil will leave your skin silky and smooth.

Mix together:

2 cups ground coffee

1 tablespoon cinnamon( Optional)

1/2 cup raw sugar or coarse salt (I used kosher salt)

1/4 cup massage or olive oil


Next I thought I make up some cute little burlap coffee bags to put the scrub in.  I used a scrap of burlap I had and cut two rectangles of equal size.  I used my cricut to create a stencil using contact paper.  I used the Plantin cartridge for this one.


I used a small brush and pounced the paint over my stencil.  I used Burnt Umber for the color.


After the paint is dry, place your two rectangles right sides together.  Make sure you know where the top is so you don’t accidentally sew it shut.  Sew a super simple 5/8 inch hem along the three sides. 


Trim your edges to make them nice.   Turn your bag right side out and put your little bag of scrub inside.  I left the top unfinished because I  liked the rustic look.


I finished it off with a little raffia to tie the bag shut, and a little note that read,

For a little morning pick me up,

take a hot shower, and apply a small

amount of this scrub in a circular motion

all over your body. You skin will like it

a Latte!


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  1. Great idea. And it smells good!



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