Families are like fudge, sweet with a few nuts!

Hey all I am recovering from a wild family reunion. It was so much fun! Every time we have one I always meet someone new that I like! It makes me feel good to know that we have roots that run deep. We had about 50 people attend. We ate great food and stayed up way too late and reconnected with all of our family. Do you have reunions? I think it is a dying tradition which is kind of sad.

Here are some highlights:


No I didn’t kill anyone. This is what happened the night before we are leaving. Note to self do not put spaghetti sauce in a gallon ziplock and then try and squeeze everything in your fridge! It will explode and then you have to clean your whole fridge at 11:30 pm.


The car was packed to the brim!


The youngest Prince and I on our very first ski lift ride. I don’t really have a comb over the wind was blowing and it was starting to rain.


Now that is what you call family game night!


No it is not the paparazzi that is just the family taking pictures.


This is part of the family. I am waiting on the whole big group picture.


A little R and R.


The youngest prince with his cousin and an incredible view.


Crockpots Rule!!!! We had 8 crockpots going to feed everyone. I made crockpot yogurt, granola and beans, and then I used them for every meal to keep everything warm.

I have more really fun projects this week and I will share them as soon as I am unpacked.


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  1. Hahaha I love the picture with the spaghetti sauce! I'm sure it was a nightmare to clean up but I really needed a good laugh. Thanx so much for sharing! Oh yes, I find that plastic containers often work better *wink*

  2. LMAO Woman! I would have totally been mad at that sauce...but the picture will make you laugh for years! Glad you had a great time!

  3. Oh heck all I could do at that point was laugh! I had been cooking since 7 that morning and I was so over it all. I just wanted sleep but that didn't exactly happen. It was worth it all, this was one of the best reunions we have ever had.

  4. Hi! Just came across your blog :) Looks like such a fun gathering, we don't have family reunions, I am not sure I could handle it yearly but I kinda wish we did every once in a while :) Your son is too cute!!

  5. Ms. Emily Ann we do it every two years. It is just enough that you have time to miss them but not so much they drive you crazy!



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