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DSC03164 It is getting hot in here……

So hot in here I think I’ll take my clothes…..

and turn them into dresses of course sheesh people

it is not that kind of a blog.

No really it is ridiculous hot already almost 100 degrees today. I love to dress the Princess in cute little dresses but when it is hot out I want to be comfy I am sure the Princess would agree. I can’t imagine some of those cute frilly dresses are all that comfy. So here comes the best of both worlds. We have the cuteness of a dress but the comfiness (yea that is a word) of a T-shirt.

The oldest prince recently got a giant bag of hand me downs which he was excited about! Thanks Aunt Laura.

In it was a cute Aeropostale t-shirt but it had a hole in the sleeve I thought I about just turning it into rags but it spoke to me. DSC03149

“Please turn me into a cute dress, I promise I will be soft and comfy.”

Here is what I did to save that cute T-shirt.DSC03150

1. Using another dress as a pattern, I cut off the sides and the sleeves of the t-shirt.


2. I opened it up and folded and pinned down the edges of what will become the arm holes.


3. Stitch the arm hole seam.

4. Next turn the right sides together and stitch a hem on both sides of the dress. Sorry forgot to take a picture but you get the idea.


5. I cut off the bottom of the t-shirt as well because it had a hole and it was a little long. Hem the bottom to desired length.

You could stop here but I decided to add some cute little rosettes using strips of the left over bits of shirt.


Simply cut long thin strips and wrap them in a circle.


Stitch around your circle to hold it all in place.

I also created a super simple matching barrette, by layering strips of the leftover t-shirt and tying them together.


It only took about 20 minutes to rescue that t-shirt and I adore how it turned out. It is super comfy and perfect for playing rough and tumble with the Princes.

DSC03161 DSC03167

or giving sweet kisses to her big brother.


I am linking this cute one to:


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  1. That is fabulous - My daughter hasn't been much into dresses lately but I may have to give this a try.



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