Making lunch fun-Octopus dogs

Bet you were thinking I was making some gross new hot dog with tentacles.  EWWWW!

Have you ever heard of a Bento box?  Neither had I until recently and I love BENTO Boxes!!!  This is a Japanese tradition for serving meals in cool containers.  It is a simple concept but oh how I adore it.  My favorite part is it is all about portion size and balance.  I have never seen the kids so excited to eat fruits and veggies, and honestly it only takes a few minutes more to take a simple meal from boring to extraordinary! 


How cute is that?  What kid wouldn’t like to eat that cutie up?

DSC03466Cheese fish cut with a toothpick


I adore how portable it is!  Look no plastic baggies to fill up the landfill!

DSC03401 Cute movie snack Bento’s.


A morning snack bento A blueberry scone, grapes, blueberries, banana chips, yogurt and a little pudding.  Yummy!

I don’t have any of the fancy tools nor do I even have fancy boxes but it works for us.  I picked up my little containers at the dollar store and I love that the little ones fit right inside.  Even Prince Charming loves when I pack him a Bento box.   I picked up the “Yum-Yum Bento book at the library and for more ideas you can check out this really fun blog:



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  1. So darn cute! I will have to add that book to my list at the Library! I bet your kiddos gobbled that food right up!

  2. Thanks for sharing my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :o)

    Love your lunches, the octodogs seriously amuse me (my husband & mom find them weird but the kids love them!).



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