Twirly Pillowcase Skirt


Here is a fun up-cycle skirt for ya!  My grandmother gave me this funky pillow case and I thought it would make a cute little skirt for the Princess.  I love how soft pillowcases are and how well they wear.  The Princess has  not learned all those Princess skills like don’t roll in the mud yet so this way we can still be girlie and not worry if we muss our dress. DSC03432

1. Decide your finished length, in my case 9 inches and add 1 1/2 inches.   You will cut your length from the open end up.  It will save you from having to hem.  I can’t wait to show you what I did with the other half!

DSC034332.  Turn down the raw edge 1/2 inch and iron a nice crease.


3. Fold over 1 more time about an inch and iron again to give you a nice casing.


4. Stitch your casing but don’t go all the way around.  Leave a small gap so we can slip our elastic through.


5. Attach a safety pin to your elastic and slip through your casing.


6. Once you have pushed your elastic through safety pin the end so it doesn’t slip all the way in.


7.  Once you have threaded your elastic all the way around pull both ends out and sew the ends together creating a complete circle.


8. Slip the elastic back in and adjust your gathers.  Sew your casing shut and your, done super easy!  It took maybe fifteen minutes from start to finish.




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  1. I love your blue ladder! I just bought 2 smaller ones at good will for $2 each and want to paint them 2 diff. colors.

  2. Those would be super fun for your photo shoots! I just picked up a really cute vintage little chair that I want to do some photos with.



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