Cupcake War-Debriefing!

Well troops we did it, we won the war!  15 Hours of sweat and determination has led us to victory!


Remember my cupcake stand that I made?


Well here is the grand finale with it all dressed up!

I think it turned out amazing!!!  I made pumpkin, chocolate and carrot cupcakes, and a chocolate cake for them to cut.

I cut all of those cake wrappers out with my cricut, but my baby let me down!  I didn’t realize until it was too late that my cricut wasn’t cutting all the way through so Prince Charming and I spent 3 hours punching everything out.  My hands hurt!


Thankfully my sweet baby redeemed herself and cut my gum paste design for the cake!


Here is a keeping it real shot for you.  My kitchen looks like a powdered sugar covered war zone!


Do you want to know how to transport 150 cupcakes?  This was Prince Charming’s ingenious idea!  It was perfect we filled 5 drawers of these two plastic bins.  When we arrived we just opened a drawer and put them in place.  He even grouped them by flavor.  Man he is the best assistant EVER!

What did I learn from this mission? 

I am never going to make it on Cupcake Wars!  How the heck do they make a thousand cupcakes in two hours???


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  1. you go girl!!! They looks amazing too! Your husband is one smart man!

  2. I love the idea on how to carry the cupcakes:) Which carterage did you us?Would you mind stopping by my blog and letting me know?? Thanks!
    I think you did an awesome job:)



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