The Princess has a new gown

Hey everyone!

Guess where we are going? It rhymes with ramping, and it means this post has to be short.

Yep camping!  I know again!  Last hurrah before we have snow up to our eyeballs and there is no way I will camp in that.  Not enough hot chocolate in the world!

I wanted to share a sweet dress I made this afternoon.  Yep one afternoon is all it took.


We are getting ready to do family pictures next weekend, I am going to do pink and black for our colors.  Won’t that be fun?  Nah I promise Prince Charming isn’t wearing pink but I will be wearing a touch, and the Princess will be wearing this.

Darling huh! 

I think I am going to make bloomers to go with it.

Did I mention I love having a girl?

Anyway I will give you a tute but not today.

See look I took a whole bunch of pictures!


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  1. love that dress and loving your blog! off to see if you have shown us how yet. amy



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