Monday, August 23, 2010

If I don’t get to craft someone is going to get hurt!

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to do some crafting before I went  crazy!  I have been doing projects but nothing fun enough to blog about, so this weekend I took a few minutes and got some stuff done.  I need this for a present so it served a couple purposes.  I get my craft on, you get more fun ideas, and I get a present done early!  It is a win-win all around.

I made a cute monogram for my niece’s birthday that is coming up.   She is redoing her room in black, silver and hot pink, and made a special request for monogram for her room.  These are such fun colors and oh so popular right now.  I wish I had hot pink vinyl but regular pink will have to do.


I L-O-V-E it!    That swirl is begging to be put on sign don’t ya think?  It is bigger than it looks in the picture, it really is 12 X 24 inches but it looks kinda small in the picture.

Hope she likes it, I think it is sophisticated but fun!


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  1. That is awesome! You should have called me...I have hot pink!