I love you so much it is scary-Candy Bouquet

Oh hey you thought I meant you? 

I do love you, but this bouquet was for Prince Charming.  He was feeling a little blue this week so I thought I would get him some flowers that a man would love.

These are really fun to make and right now there is a mountain of candy choices at any store you go to so the time is perfect!



These are super simple to make.  Hot glue skewers to the back of the candy.  You might want to apply the glue to the skewer first, let it cool for a couple seconds then apply it to the back of the candy.  Otherwise it melts through the plastic and the candy bar. 

Trust me I know!


I wrapped a couple in tissue paper in the shape of flowers.  Don’t worry it doesn’t need to be perfect.  The rest I simply tied curling ribbon around each skewer.

Wanna know something shmoopy?  That is a word right?

The ribbon is from our wedding 10 years ago. Awhhhhh I know isn’t sweet? But, uhhhh can you say over bought! 


Ok back to task.  Place a small piece of floral foam in your container of choice.  You will want  a heavy container or at least weigh it down because the candy is heavy.  Next just go to town put the skewers with candy on them in the foam. 


I made  the sweet little sign glued it to another skewer and there you go!

Prince Charming loved it and I didn’t even get the, “yea thanks for the totally girlie present that you gave me and I am only smiling cause I don’t want to hurt your feelings look!”


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  1. I love it! And he better not give you that look coz this is totally cool :)

  2. That is super cute!!! And I know that look you are talking about too! lol!




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