Fall Mantle Makeover

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I love fall! 

The air is so crisp and clean, and the colors are outstanding. 

Comfort food need I say more?

I took a little time yesterday and updated my mantle.

My mantle is a total pain in the rear  blank canvas waiting to be stylized.  You see my mantle is huge, I mean huge like 8 feet wide which in itself would be nice.  However it also is surrounded by windows which makes it really hard to get height from anything which I need because I have 300 30 foot ceilings. I always struggle with it!  It also makes taking photos really hard too!





This is my favorite side.  See the cute little cloche?  Remember my cupcake stand? I used one of the bases to make it.  Why is it when you put something under glass it becomes instantly cute?


Some cute old books in fall colors.

Happy fall Y’all!


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