Making a to do list cute

So where do you keep your to do list? 

What do you mean, what to do list?  You know that list that you hate looking at let alone thinking about it.

Oh you say you keep it scrawled on some piece of junk mail that you had lying around, and quite possibly run      the risk of throwing it away! 


Tah Dah!  This is what you need, you could look at these cuties and maybe it will make your to do list a little more bearable.

Here are the next installment from my weekend of crafting.  I think they are CA-UTE!  I might put them in my shop not sure if I want to part with them though.

Who says a cute little spider can’t offer you words of encouragement.

Sometimes your to do list is scary!

I think this is my fav!

But then again I love this one too. 

Gotta run I have eye of newt and hobgoblin brain to pickup.


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