Here is looking at you-Spooky Eyeball Craft


Here is a fun craft for you.  It is really easy and quick to pull together.  We have cub scouts tonight so I had to come up with something easy that I can do on a large scale but totally wow the kids.  We have about 40 boys, so it has to be simple to do.  I can’t really take the credit for this one.  This was featured in Family Fun.


These are the supplies you will need:

1 ping pong ball (Dollar Tree has them for $1.00 for 9)

1 Electric flameless tea light (Dollar Tree also has these but Wal-Mart has them cheaper)



Cut or drill a hole in your ping pong ball, it really doesn’t take much force so be careful.


Draw your spooky eyeball with the sharpies; I did a different eyeball on each side. Place the ping pong ball over the light and you are done. EASY!DSC_0360

Here it is all lit up.  Really cool huh.

I think the boys will love it!


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