Eeeek what a week!

This week is crazy chalk full of fun events!  I am starting to think I am really only busy 5 weeks out of the year because everything seems to fall on the exact same week.  So I know it is not even Halloween yet and I am posting Christmas stuff but hey all the retailers do it and technically this is soccer related.


Today I am hosting an end of season banquet for the youngest Prince.  At this age we don’t do anything to crazy, just a fun little trip to McDonald’s.   Blech I know but twice a year won’t kill me, right?  And their fruit and yogurt parfait is pretty darn yummy.

At the last second we decided to move the banquet up and my trophies won’t be done so I wanted to come up with a little something to give the kids. 

DSC_0349 DSC_0350

Like I really needed one more thing to do but these were too cute to pass up.  They only had enough for one team I felt like it was fate.   Cute eh?  I used my cricut to personalize them. Do you know how much I love that thing??? It makes everything so cute! I kept it simple because……


well this is what my table looks like and I really don’t have time to go crazy on them, but you really could!  I need to find 12 more for the oldest Prince so keep your eye’s peeled. 

I have cookies to frost and doughnuts to string so I am off.  I will be back when my table doesn’t look like this!

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