Why is it?

Why is it the second I want to do family photos, that is the instant my super happy go lucky girl turns into a sobbing mess?

We had our family photos done and I was dreaming of these glamorous shots with everyone looking adorable.  Instead I get a girl with her hair all a mess because she pulled out her hair thing seconds before we starting taking pictures.  Her cheeks are red because she was crying, and she refused to take her fingers out of her mouth let alone smile.

I am thinking she won’t be a baby model.  Oh well I don’t think I would make a good stage mom anyway.!

We did get some cute shots but it took some effort!  Can’t we all just smile and say cheese?


whole family

I like this one even though there was no way the little princess was taking her fingers out of her mouth.

the boys with color

This one is my favorite of the boys.  See Prince Charming the pink tie ROCKS!

3507  3536   \Darren and I color copy closeup

   Darren and I color


Kaylee and me closeup

At least I have one for my Christmas cards!



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