I have gained so much….

So did you survive the holiday mayhem?  We had a wonderful time full of lots of presents, family and food.  I gained 10 pounds from all fudge, and 100 pounds of new toys that now need to find homes.  Here is a recap.


Lots of presents.


Lots of family.


A whole lotta fudge.


I didn’t get to craft as much at I wanted but I did whip these cuties up.  The plates are from Walmart, and I embellished with vinyl to make some cute dry erase boards.  I can’t take credit for the original idea, Shelley at House of Smith’s made a cute version of these too.

This week I am finding homes for new toys and well eating fudge, I can’t let it go to waist (ha, ha) waste.  I wonder if you can freeze fudge?  Have you ever tried?

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  1. yes... I freeze my fudge... comes out just as good as it went in! :o)

  2. Well that is good to know so now next year I can freeze it instead of eating it all to make sure it doesn't go to waste! :)



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