Dippty-Doo-Dah Take 3 Chocolate Dipped Mega Marshmallows


(objects in this photo maybe larger than they appear)

Today I am finishing the last details for the youngest Prince’s birthday party.  I dipped some marshmallows in melted chocolate and used dinosaur sprinkles to make another fun party treat.

Dinosaurs look a lot like dragons which will work just ducky for our How to Train Your Dragon party theme.

But wait these are no ordinary marshmallows.  These are

MEGA marshmallows.


Check it out.  The marshmallow on the left is not a mini marshmallow it is a regular size marshmallow, it is the marshmallow on the right that is just plain gigantic! 

Crazy huh!  So much fun to make.

I guess I am done dipping stuff in chocolate although I was kinda of thinking I bet the hot tamales would be kinda yummy dipped in chocolate.  What do you think?  Too much?


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