Dippty-Dee-D00-Dah Take 2-Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Today I am working on Chocolate dipped Oreo’s (aka shields) for the Youngest Prince’s 5th birthday.   We are using the same almond bark we used for our chocolate dipped peg legs.  You can check that post out here.


I dipped Mint Oreos (yummy) and Double Stuffed. 

Yeah I used the knock off brand, they are less expensive and equally fatty and delicious!


I didn’t use any fancy tools just a measuring cup and a fork will do.  Drop your Oreo in and submerge it, then pick it up with your fork.  Shake and tap it to remove the excess chocolate.  Run the bottom of your fork along the rim of the measuring cup to remove the excess chocolate.

I know there is no such thing as excess chocolate but that cookie can only hold so much chocolate. Just trust me!

You will want to put them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or wax paper, or freezer paper(wax side up)

Allow the chocolate to harden and embellish with white chocolate.


I used the D and the 5 differentiate between the mint and double stuffed.  My grandpa hates mint and I didn’t him to take a big ol bite and be grossed out. 

Now if I could only remember which was which!  Hmmmm guess I will have to eat one just to be sure.


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