Making change in my marriage


Don’t worry it is a good kind of change!  My resolution this year was to make sure that Prince Charming and I took more time to enjoy just the two of us.  We have been married almost 11 years and it can be so easy to let that part of us slide.  When you are running kids everywhere, making dinner, working, blogging, and cleaning it can be hard to find the time and the funds for a date. 

Here is the trap we fall into we hardly go out so we want to go big or heck at least dinner and a movie. By the time you pay for dinner, movie and a sitter that winds up being $100.00 or more which is crazy! Well we never have a $100.00 laying around so guess what?  Yep, we don’t go.  

It is time for some change, don’t you think?  I came up with this cute little change container to hold all of our loose change, and remind us to make a little change in our marriage.  We will drop all of our loose change, laundry tips that everyone leaves in their pants, and the money I get by bringing my bags into the grocery store in here. 

Now I know you are thinking it will take forever to pay for a date that way.  Well I am making a change about that too!  A date does not have to be huge just an hour or two for us.    We have this place that has the best hot chocolate ever and it will only cost us $5.00 total.  It just may or may not be in the hospital where my mom stayed during her surgery.

Don’t mock me, it is delicious I don’t care if I have a date at the hospital!  Anyway you get the point we can come up with $5.00 and an hour to sip it and enjoy us. 

If you need more inexpensive date ideas you can check out my date of the month club post here and here.


It also makes an adorable little Valentine for those of you that are starting to think about that.  Just fill it with your sweeties favorite sweets.   Ok, mine is not exactly full, I may or may not have eaten half of those sour cherry balls before I took the picture.  Hey they are fat free!

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