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If you follow me on Facebook I already let you in on the secret. Yesterday Prince Charming made magic happen in my crafty space. Remember a year ago I started moving my crafty space into my laundry/mudroom/crafty room . I was using a temporary table. It was supposed to be temporary, but sheesh a year is a long temporary! That darn thing would bounce if I got my sewing machine going too fast and I knew I would sew through my finger one day. Well yesterday Prince Charming earned some serious points and not only finished my table but made it magical.


Isn’t he cute when he is concentrating?

Here was the plan: Take an old solid core door, a baluster, and some adorable fabric and create a darn cute table, that does not include an earthquake feature.


Here is the door we used.


After everything was cut I upholstered the table with this adorable indoor outdoor fabric. I used some old fleece that I picked up awhile back to smooth out the lines. I wanted the fabric to have a little oomph to it so that is why I picked the heavier canvas type fabric. Well that and I LOVE it and would cover every square inch of the castle with it.


See that gold shiny hinge? Well that is what makes my table magical! Check this out.


Taa Dah! Check out that huge workspace. Hinged to the underside is a whole other table!! For those times I am working big.


See that super cool vinyl holder? He made that for me too!


I am so in love with my space, and Prince Charming!! He is my Peanut butter I tell you. I come up with crazy schemes and he turns them into beautiful reality. We were so meant to be together.

I still have to paint but hey what’s another year! LOL. This project cost $30.00 and that is only because the fabric was a little pricey, the door, the balusters, and the hinges were all things we had on hand.

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  1. I love it...especially the hinged part. Great idea. Happy crafting.

  2. Looks fantastic!! Am sure you will create lots of lovely items here!

  3. I love that fold out feature! Perfect for when you need to spread out.



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